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Jaan Hai to Jahaan hai - Safe Running Please!!

On the occasion of National Safety Day , please do take care to be a Safe Runner :

As I rolled on the road, I realized, I had a deep cut on my knees and it was bleeding, I could feel the blood ,that to at unearthly hour on a silent winter morning, around 0515 am. Once I fell, even the otherwise hostile strays too ran away.

I pulled my 89 kgs frame up and realized what struck me. Can you imagine, It was a freak accident. I was running on the LBS Marg, which once upon a time was called Agra Road, as It is believed this is the largest stretching road of India, straight to Agra.

I was running absolutely safe, all safety norms taken care. Running in opposite direction of the approaching vehicle, roads though were empty at that hour. I could see all the morning happenings as the day was to unfold. Far away I could see a solitary light approaching, I thought it’s a bike, but as the light inched closer to embrace, I realized it was a BEST Bus, with one light kaput. I was running at a very safe distance and as the bus was about to halt, I saw a young lady, stepping out with desperation from the bus still in motion. Bus was to halt and I treaded carefully running from a safe distance , within few seconds , I was pole vaulting and both the legs were high up , body was feeling the effect of gravity , I was feeling like the apple in the Newtons Theory . I fell thud , but not like apple , but like watermelon may be and the gal fell on me , she was trying to alight from the running bus and I was running away from the bus .

Together , we mustered courage to get up . It was like the hindi movie , where heroine and hero dashes and eyes meet , I was going through the same euphoria, birds were singing in the back ground , bats were flying too (corona ....mat Karona ) , I was hearing a background score too…..”aaj jaane ki zidd naa karo” ………….before a voice broke my attention span “Abey mottu dikhta nahi hai kya ….”

disappointed , as he couldnt witness any further action , bus zoomed in to oblivion. utro , badan pe chaddo nahi …………i was decent . Bus stopped by to see the commotion and conductor was disappointed , as he couldnt witness any further action , bus zoomed in to oblivion.

That was the first time in many years of running , I met with a minor accident . As I realized and we all realize safety is of utmost importance and has to be honored and adhered to :-

1. Ensure you are healthy and medically fit to run

2. Do consult your doc before taking up this activity

3. You may be running but how fit are you to run

4. Wear the right shoes and gears

5. Don’t consume supplements without knowing what you are putting in to your body

6. Wear your Road IDs to ensure that you are traceable in case of any eventuality

7. Emergency number should be handy and kept in use

8. Carry your mobile in a pouch

9. Ensure that you run at a safe place

10. Inform your spouse or family about where you will be running

11. If you are driving to run at a place , ensure that you had adequate sleep the previous night , so that you don’t drowse

12. Carry enough money with you

13. Run in the opposite direction of the traffic

14. Try not to wear expensive items on you

15. Try to run in company if running in the wee hours or late night

16. Hydrate properly and carry water

17. Ensure that you are not drunk the previous day

18. Run at the pace you are used too

19. During the run keep an eye on your surroundings

20. A big no to earphone while running on road

21. During your run , if you feel uncomfortable do stop and assess

22. If uncomfort persist , do abandon run and see a doctor

23. Keep watching the road for any potholes or humps

24. Keep a watch on the strays

25. Don’t pee on the road and don’t litter

26. Take your car if absolutely necessary ……because car breakers may also be reading this post of mine }}}}}}}

27. Train Judiciously

28. Don’t overdo and participate in events almost every Sunday.

Health, Safety and Security while Running is our prime responsibility including the safety of our environment . Remember for us running is an hobby , but let our family not suffer because of our casual attitude.

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