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Passionate About Inspiring Others

He is a blogger and writer with humor as his forte. He is Author of one of the best sellers titled #TheyInspire which has sold close to 2000 copies. It is one of the best inspirational book on collection of stories of common people

He is a passionate sportsman and a marathon runner. Has run 02 Ultra Marathons, 10 Full Marathons, 70 Half Marathons and many 10kms race. Have run in 13 countries. He is associated with charity and runs for charitable organization.


As he says his book is story about 42.197 Runners and he says he is that 0.197 in that story. He was diagnosed with HypoThryoid in 2008 and that’s what the reason was for he bloating to 107 Kgs. A specialist doctor suggested him to take up endurance sports and that’s how his foray in to running.   In 2012, he ran a total of 2012 Kms to run for Paediatric cancer department of Tata Memorial Hospital and raised Rs 1,21,212 funds under project 121212 (being his birthday) ably supported by his wife and family.

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