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100 days of Running

Madhuri Dixit looked so hot in 100 days , now 100 days is a movie made when I was in IXth grade with gorgeous Moon Moon sen and not so gorgeous Jackie shroff . Story goes this way ….. blah blah…..

Forget her story listen mine …..

As he lay in ICU and I gaze at the beep of the ICU chamber , doctors declared he is stabilizing , a huge sigh of relief for all of us in the family . Around 10 Pm , doctors requested two of us to be around ICU and when I met my brother in law who was in ICU he is younger to me though , he did ask me in a meek voice enquiring about last two days from when he was in ICU and among that he also asked how many days more of your run left . I said forget it , you get better come out of here , he said do run tomorrow .

My 100th day of running was a emotional roller coaster , not the way I wanted to usher in to . Back home , my 100th day was planned in a lavish way with me pacing for a 10k and then joining Adidas runners  Mumbai – My brand team for the celebrations and my buddies at GOS had planned a cake cutting . But destiny had something else planned for me , I was to run with my soul , the very body and soul who was my partner for almost 99 days and I had to kiss this milestone day near by hospital alone with lots of mixed emotions …… but I knew though I am alone , I am not lonely …..there were many of my friends who were running for me .

 Mine 100days story is a story which changed my running as a whole . As I recuperated from my ITB injury , I vowed to come back strong .  Since , Delhi FM in Feb 2017, where I ITBed back , I was not sure how the road ahead would be . My physio had put me on conditioning and I was getting back . Then as my buddies from GOS were gearing up to attend  Run with Ash Programme , I too enrolled . My dear friend and buddy Babu had strongly recommended to all of us . What a brilliant program it was  , trust me the running techniques which Ash shared , helped me as a runner or probably my conversion as a runner .

When Abhinav from Team Adidas informed us that 100days running is going to be promulgated soon , there were lots of interest shown by folks . Earlier years too there was this 100days of running , but it never interested me and trust me I was awry of the fact that why should some one run 100days and the experienced runner in me didn’t permit me .

But , when you hang your boots as hobby runner or when  running becomes too much for you , there should be events and stories to be looked for . So decided to attempt 100days of running which was to start on 29th April . My buddies at GOS encouraged me to go for it , since I knew many a times in this 100days I would require them to be my side .

Day 1 began with a 21kms and then day on and on I would get up and run . At some point of time I felt why I am doing this . Around 20th day , I knew it has become a habit . One good thing happened was that the run challenge started in peak summer and it means braving entire may. So the plan was chalked , I had shortlisted two major events to be back on track after the Feb FM ITB disaster .

I chose two events in July , the Matheran Endurathon 25kms and the BNP Endurathon 25kms which was back to back in a weeks time . It was sheer madness , but i knew I have to train hard and as per plan . So the rest of the days in may I had a plan in place to run and train for the events . So I had speed, hills , long runs , tempo runs etc in my 100days plan . Most of the days their would be buddies from GOS who would run along . Having folks with different speed and training patterns helped me a lot .  I use to get the speed, endurance , tempo etc. At times , I have ran in heavy rains and high humidity . Thanks to adidas I had decent number of shoes . 

Run on a travel day Morning :-

Most challenging part was when I was to travel for official work that entailed getting up at wee hours , morning flight and then not sure of coming back same day or staying back in various cities . So when I was to travel to Delhi , I got up at 0300 clock once and ran in my housing complex, both security guards , the building stray dogs and the hifi CCTV camera all looking bewildered at me .

Run at airport :-

Second time , when I travelled to delhi , I ran at delhi airport  since I had time in hand to attend the meeting .

Run after work at Indore :-

When I reached Indore after an official work , it was around 9.45 Pm . My colleague enquired , sir we will be down in dining hall by 10.15 for dinner . I asked him to go ahead or wait for me till 10.45 . He did wait and enquired where was I , I showed him my run photo , a 3kms on the Indore road . He couldn’t believe and the entire next day too, he was jaw dropped .

Run at Bhopal :-

Ran at Bhopal before the wee hours after reaching the city. Checked in and went out for a Run near Bada lake .

So one thing binded me was my run , it connected me to my inner soul . My runs made me amalgamate in to my soul . I was a better me .

My family started getting involved in my 100days run , Mala would wake me up on many days when I had to run alone since other folks had rest day . She , my daughter , my mom and dad became a part of my journey . Mom would ensure that I check my BP often since around 45th day , I had a low BP scare and I was not well . Though , I could get better , the point was why it happened .

Again on 72nd day , I had my BP dropping and by now I had lost almost 5kgs (which never happened in my 10 years of running ) . I did have a scare , where I had a blurred vision . As they say when you are blessed by doctor friends around you know you are been watched . I would regularly take advise from Dr Kumar sir , who himself was doing 100days of run . He suggested me to go for a blood check since I was looking bit weak . To my surprise, the thyroid level had swinged dramatically in to negative . My TSH level moved from Hypothyroid to Hyperthryoid level , which never happened in 10 years . Running can reverse the thyroid level , wow. I Reduced my dosage of thyroxin , now from 75 mcg am down to 50mcg and things looked well.

Two Races I ran :- Matheran 25kms Tough Hill Endurathon and BNP 25kms again a hill . By the time I was into my 4th km at matheran endurathon , I knew this is gonna special run since I was feeling so so good about my body , my soul and to my surprise I crossed finish line almost 32 mins better than my previous 25kms run and that too in a tough hilly terrain . Read my Blog about Romeo boy .

The following week was BNP 25kms and everyone advised me to go slow . But I knew I have to prove that matheran was not a chance , so when BNP race timing was received it was 4 mins better than matheran the previous week and a PB by 36 mins .  Read my blog about BNP.

I knew , my running is shaping up and I am getting stronger .

Toughest two days were 99th and 100th day , since we had a family emergency read the starting para of this blog .

100 Running tshirt  pact :-

To make my run interesting , I decided to run every day in different running tshirts and trust me , my wardrobe  has been reorganized for the first time , nahi toh It was like when I use to open the wardrobe my running cloths would fall to my feet out of respect . heeehheee. Each tshirt has a story and so is every run . It was nice to post about the same on Did You Run Today , I use to post my runs on DYRT . Thanks Nikhil and Arvind for this forum .

Many of my close friends gifted me tshirt  for the challenge as a token of love .

Ushering in to  800th Km :- I ushered in to 800th km , feeling very strong albeit gloom on 99th day . But I knew it was a better version of me , from day 1 to day 99th .

Conclusion : 1.  100days reincarnated me as a runner , as a person and as a individual .

2. Should people take 100days challenge : yes, why not . But only after gauging your fitness level .

3. Will I run 100 days again .   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…… the commitment is very very difficult .

4. Negatives : Yes . It takes you in to different zone and hence , you tend to be thinking mostly about runs and at times tends to become selfish .

5. Positives : Many .  I lost 7kgs , I became committed and dedicated , stamina and performance increased at all spheres . heeeeeehehheeh. Thyroid levels reversed . Made so many friends.


My Gratitude to : My Wife , my daughter , mom , dad , brothers and sis in laws.

My Buddies++ who  ran with me not to name any one in praticular  because 100 days had so many friends running at various point in time .

My Brands who supported me : Adidas , TomTom, FastandUp 

My training groups : GOS, MRR , DYRT .......

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