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BNP 25kms 2017

And the next guest is a  Author , he authored #TheyInspire  and yes he is a runner too ….. I was introduced in a event where I was  invited as a guest . For a moment , I was like … ….. BC introduce me other way …… “ A Runner who is an author too …… “ but at that juncture I didn’t have any major achievements to introduce as a Runner  ….. was I a “social runner”

Around  17th Km when I was  sipping water resting on a chair , couple of runner friends who was ligthening by mentioned Biju  , go for a kill , why are you sitting like a Admiral .

I poured water on my head, thanked the angel volunteers and started my run .

Memories brought me back to my 1st BNP where I did a 3.36 , 2nd BNP run a wasted 3.43 and I have a blog on it , I ran that run during the most depressing phase of my life and then last year BNP run where I clocked a better timing and was a sought of my redemption in 3.27 (which was my PB till few weeks ago) .Many who saw me running did compliment that they have never seen me run like that in previous years . But many didn’t know this strong running was not a result of overnight training . It took a painstaking four months , I burnt my arse during this 4 month .

When I ITBed  in Delhi , only aim was to come so strong that nobody will ever dare to tell you are a “social runner” . So when I expressed my desire to hom on this two races i.e Matheran Hill 25kms and BNP 25kms in a Gap of 6 days , lot of people passed it off as crazy and didn’t believe I would run both . Then something popped up a 100days Run challenge . Though it sounds stupid for many of you , thinking it may effect running in a long way with respect to the form and speed . But trust me it worked for me . May be I was lucky . My level of commitment grew so strong that running got inbuilt in to my routine . I had ran walk at airport during one of my travel days i.e the level of commitment . As I pen this blog I am on 670 Kms in 82days .

At Matheran Romeo  boy entered my body , the galloping ghost horse of matheran and it helped me to do a PB in one of the toughest Hill Marathon a timing of  2.56.52 revised t0 3.00.51 . Even i thought this is a one of phase and I will not able to repeat this feat ever . Perhaps , the Romeo boy left me at Neral. It was now the turn of local boy the “Debo Nair” as fauji friends call me to prove that Matheran was not a one off fluke run .

When I restarted the run at 17th Km I knew its my day boy , the TomTom read 1.51 that means I have chance to do a sub 3hrs and then I never looked back . Many angel friends ran together in between ensuring that the momentum is maintained . Pradeep Thakur was one such angel , Lalit Periwal ran  along for a kms and many more folks . At 21st met reji , he had promised me we will cross the line together . We continued our run , smiling and looking strong for all our photographer friends . At around Gandhi Tekdi , I asked reji lets do a final kill and we sprinted through , smiling for this photo finish together at official timing 2.54.52 

During the start of the run , many of my friends congratulated me on strong matheran . As I began the race I knew I have to run hard , may be harder than Matheran . First loop was a 12.5 in 1.30 hrs  and then the second loop was a Negative split a 1.25 for the same distance . 

As I crossed the finish line , thought pondered my mind  towards that emcee of  that event ..”Bastard you have a reason to introduce me as a Runner now and not author first …… I cracked two toughest hill runs of 25kms in a span of 6 days with a 34 mins Personal Best  “  …….

True i am possessed ....... but i trained by arse for it ..............

Thanks to all my friends who train with me , thanks to my friends who encourages on forums like Did You Run Today and instagram .

Thank you and my gratitude to BNP Green Runners , Photographers and angel volunteers .

BNP run always will remain close to my heart and trust me will try my best to run all the editions ….

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