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Hear my story from schooldays till now .
Ups and Downs ; Navy days and current professional role ; being a Blogger, Author and Runner .
Thanks  Himanshu Sachdeva for a detailed  interview for your podcast as part of your series about people who balance senior corporate role and passion.
Episode 7 of Lifestyle Architecture Lab Podcast is here.

#7 - Bijay Nair (#TheyINSpire) - Active War Deployments, Becoming a Leader and balancing your life and passions

In this episode I’m talking to the Bijay Nair, who is a former Lt .Cdr of Navy. He also a blogger and an author. He has written a book named #TheyInspire. He’s also an endurance runner and a corporate professional post his retirement from defence services. 

In this episode, we talk about his story. How he got into defence services despite all the financial and other difficulties. His naval academy day and some stories from his active service deployment times. At some places in this conversation I literally got goosebumps listening about the armed forces and the sacrifices they make for the nation.

Please enjoy!
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